Friday, February 18, 2011

Dental Bridges: The Fix Is In

Fixed dental bridges, also called fixed partial dentures, are used to replace missing teeth and gum tissue. They are typically made of porcelain with an underlying substructure of ceramic or metal, and are attached to neighboring teeth and cemented into place. The goal is to make the artificial teeth in the bridge look as natural as possible, so you definitely want a dentist who is experienced at esthetics.

Generally speaking, if you're missing a tooth or even several teeth, and you have sufficient bone, dental implants are the best option as they provide a fixed, lifelong solution that most closely resembles your natural teeth.

But a fixed bridge may be the best option for you if the following conditions exist.

  • You have economic or health reasons that prevent you from getting implants.
  • You want an option that last longer and looks better than removable bridges.
  • You don't mind having adjacent teeth crowned so they can serve as an anchor for the fixed bridge.

If you are missing teeth or a single tooth, or if you are dissatisfied with previous treatments you've had for missing teeth, I invite you to contact our office. Explain your situation to Cami Green, our office coordinator, and she'll set you up with an appointment. Together we'll settle on the best 'fix' for your dental situation.

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